About Me

My background

Hi, I'm Tessa!  Welcome to my website! 

   I am an aspiring author who enjoys writing short stories and poetry. I'm currently working on my first novel that I am so eager to soon share with all of you.

   I live in NYC with my husband, three daughters, two dogs and one cat. While my family certainly provides lots of material for any story, I tend to find inspiration in my everyday travels around the city, and from my closest friends.

   Some of my own personal experiences are weaved throughout my writing, but the marriage of imagination and creativity certainly provides the greatest source of material.

My writing roots

   Since elementary school, I've always enjoyed reading fictional short stories and creative writing. I am an only child, so my books and my imagination kept me good company, while carrying me away into the realm of fantasy and vicarious living! 

My style

   Writing is fun for me! It's an escape, it's therapeutic and adventurous. It's soul-searching, it's erratic and painful, it's honest and open. It's the truth and the lie, it's expansive, it's lonely, it's chaos and order. 

   Writing brings me closer to the feelings we all share, especially as women trying to be everything to everyone, stretching ourselves beyond what we conceive to be our limits.

   I write for the 'every' woman. For our strength, our love, our defiance, our battles, our families, and our deepest desires.

   Please join me on these journeys!

Visit: www.contessazjones.wordpress.com